Sistar’s Choreographer Produces Another Work of Pure Genius for Sistar’s New Pelicana CF

Sistar are the stars of a new Pelicana commercial advertising for chicken and LO AND BEHOLD, that choreographer for Sistar (whoever they are) went and choreo-ed something creative and completely out of the box: body waves. I know a huge shocker, I can’t think of a single other music video in which the majority of Sistar’s dance is composed of body waves and hip rolls and that’s all, well except for all of the music videos they are known for minus Shady Girl. Sistar’s choreo must be either the laziest person on this planet or a genius or both! Cuz clearly they figured out that they could use the same (not creative to begin with) choreo over and over again and still make truck loads of money off of it. Technically I guess I am making an assumption by assuming that the same person (or team) has been in charge of Sistar’s choreography forever and ever and no one’s gotten fed up with their lack of innovation to fire them but, while it seems likely that multiple choreographers have been involved with sistar, it seems less likely that they would all recycle the exact same choreography (even if they only did so after seeing how easily their predecessors met with success) and more likely that one, single entity has been involved with Sistar’s choreo. There is to much sameness in terms of the direction of their concepts (always sexy) and choreo for there not to be the continued input from some “genius” choreographer*.

*aka female objectifying twerp who is only reaffirming oppressive, constraining narrow-minded gender stereotypes that support ideas that devalue women to being nothing more than a commodity to be used for a sexual purpose


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